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How Do You Want Your Love

May 10, 2022

“In an era that puts emphasis on ‘hanging it all out there’ in terms of sexuality, I wanted to shift the narrative to be focused on the energy exchange and the aura of seduction. HDYWYL is a claiming of our …

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Black Chevy

April 12, 2022

black chevy was written after Miles met the love of his life. its commercial pop and building feel is reminiscent of current pop/rap artists such as post malone, the weeknd, and 24kgolden. the lyrics describe a strong woman using “tall” to …

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Not Your Fool

April 6, 2022

“Not Your Fool is about reclaiming your power after a break up. It’s about looking back at all the red flags, realizing that I missed them, and choosing to grow from the pain rather than letting the break up break …

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Dream Phases

Dream Phases’ “Don’t Forget Love” was drawn from the “endless well” known as heartbreak. The doomed relationship that inspired the song was a couple stuck in two different places in their lives with one unable to give or receive love, says frontman …

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All In

“All In” is the first song from Samuel J’s upcoming album. “It is with great honor and through a long road of life’s twists and turns that this music has found its way to be with you today. The purpose of this …

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April 5, 2022

TRIPLE X SNAXXX uses modular and classic gear, nods to classic synth music, but also makes music that feels current. DGGGR was inspired by Italo and early Disco, with its 128 bpm, but also subtly plays with timing, while not losing the plot …

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Wasted by Jukebox the Ghost

March 23, 2022

We are loving this collaboration between Jukebox the Ghost and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Their new track ‘Wasted’ is fun and adventurous, as explained by Ben Thornwell of Jukebox the Ghost: “I wrote this with Andrew McMahon and Brian …

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