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How Do You Want Your Love

May 10, 2022

“In an era that puts emphasis on ‘hanging it all out there’ in terms of sexuality, I wanted to shift the narrative to be focused on the energy exchange and the aura of seduction. HDYWYL is a claiming of our …

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Hey Brother

June 23, 2023

My Silent Bravery’s “Hey Brother” is a powerful song that inspires compassion and a sense of community with its contagious melody and upbeat lyrics.  Right away, “Hey Brother” lures you in with its catchy hooks and captivating message. With the …

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Singer and the Song

June 6, 2023

“Singer and the Song” by Kevin Daniels is a captivating song that layers heartfelt storytelling with enchanting melodies on top of the track. The music creates the feeling of a starry summer night spent over a campfire, lulling the listener …

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Let Him Go

April 25, 2023

Let Him Go by Boxteles is a fun and groovy indie rock song. The track is a great selection for get togethers or road trips bringing good vibes all around. The electric guitar offers some catchy riffs that complement the …

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April 20, 2023

“Yesterday” by the Peach Tree Rascals is a feel-good song stylized in pop. The group’s layered vocals create an atmospheric presence. This mysterious feeling symbolizes a magical place that the lyrics talk about. The lyrics discuss the wish to take …

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Ten Ate

April 13, 2023

“Ten Ate” is a fun electronic track. The song certainly has a feel good vibe and balances danceability with moodiness. The track features vocal samples delivered in a chopped up fashion. The track also features unique percussion that result in …

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Less Affected

April 5, 2023

“Less Affected” is a feel good rock track. The song reminds the listener of live music at a bar and is very dance worthy. The lyrics bring up the good things in life and encourage the listener not be impacted …

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