Streaming Advertising Program - Slay Sonics

Streaming Advertising Program

Slay Sonics Streaming advertising program! It is the perfect promotional vehicle for streaming growth. Our technology pulls your song data and artwork directly from Spotify to generate ads which appear on popular mobile/desktop websites and applications. These embedded music players and interstitial ads allow the song to play for the entirety of the track.

  • Generates authentic streams, song saves, monthly listeners, and can sometimes trigger Spotify Algorithmic playlists
  • Ad network drives 90%+ United States based streams • Average song save rate of 10-15% • Interruptive marketing is proven to be a more proactive, engaging, and repeatable approach than pitching to playlists
  • Campaigns require no lead time to set up and can be run on both new and past releases.

The Taster Package (A)

$145 / per mo
  • (Expected streams: 6.000+ in total)

The Taster Package (B)

$275 / per mo
  • (Expected streams: 12.000+ in total)

Intro Package

$400 / per mo
  • (Expected streams: 22.000+ in total)

Bronze Package

$600 / per mo
  • (Expected streams: 42.000+ in total / 300-400 daily)

Silver Package

$1,100 / per mo
  • (Expected streams: 82.000+ in total)

Gold Package

$1,900 / per mo
  • (Expected streams: 150.000+ in total)

Platinum Package

$2,550 / per mo
  • (Expected streams: 200.000+ in total)