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How Do You Want Your Love

May 10, 2022

“In an era that puts emphasis on ‘hanging it all out there’ in terms of sexuality, I wanted to shift the narrative to be focused on the energy exchange and the aura of seduction. HDYWYL is a claiming of our …

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Why You Gotta Act

February 3, 2023

“Why You Gotta Act” is the fifth track on Black Royalty’s second album, “Life of a Royal 2.” The track has a feel good vibe and is bound to put you in a good mood. The instrumental is catchy and …

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Where Do We Go from Here?

January 29, 2023

Where Do We Go from Here? is the new single from My Silent Bravery. The track was produced by James McGorman (Goo Goo Dolls, Shakira, Avril Levine) and was recorded in Boston and Los Angeles at the start of the pandemic. …

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Heartbroken – Haterade Remix

This remix is an exciting reimagination of the original “Heartbroken” by Lauren Minear. The breakdowns and the bridge in the track maintain the emotional mood that expresses the pain of heartbreak. The dynamic synths used add a new layer of …

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Try Them On

This song is all about taking a step outside of your comfort zone. The possibilities are endless when you give that opportunity a chance or “Try Them On.” A pair of new symbolic shoes represent something you may be unsure …

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Once Again

Once Again starts out slow and calm but gradually picks up energy. Instrumentation delivers excitement in this song as the changes in the timbre of the guitar dictate the dynamic moods that come and go. Varying stylistic percussion choices further …

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“Paranoid” by 3mind Blight is a hard rock song that is ever changing. Passion is expressed through the intensity of the vocals and driving instrumental. The song expresses a sense of authenticity as its lyrics describe the first person perspective …

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