Highlights - Slay Sonics

Call Me Crazy

September 25, 2021

Alexa Villa after this song dropped and she told us, “I wrote this song about how it feels to always be on the outside. For a long time growing up I didn’t feel like I belonged to any certain group of people. …

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Whiskey and Wine

September 3, 2021

Marigold Ingot’s Whiskey and Wine, was written at the start of the pandemic with a glass of wine in hand, is a cheeky, sassy celebration of spending time with yourself even in difficult circumstances. We may not be able to control everything, …

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August 26, 2021

Based in Brisbane Australia, this lyrical mastermind addresses hard hitting topics with a flow and a writing style that is both technical and intellectually stimulating. This is the second single from Acizm’s upcoming album that is due to be released in …

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Can’t You See

Tulsa’s 3Mind Blight , the renowned creative and genre-blending indie artist of our time, redirects things once more for a boldly poignant, explosive and deeply personal hard-rock single. Whatever the genre, style, pace, energy or intention, the voice of 3Mind Blight, in …

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Dreaming Wide Awake

August 17, 2021

A dreamy, magical, cinematic pop song, “Dreaming Wide Awake” (created by Sabrina Carmen & friends) explores escapism, transcendence, and brings the magic of the dream realm into one’s waking reality. Sabrina’s one wish for humans is that they always dream. May the …

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Dance For Mental Health

August 13, 2021

New track and note from TOBI – “2020 was a tough year for everyone! On top of the pandemic I went through some personal trials as well. Often times when we experience anxiety and depression its easy to turn to vices …

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Ada Pasternak’s Feelin Good!

August 4, 2021

Ada had to write a song for a last-minute project at midnight and ended up liking the song and releasing it and making a music video. Enjoy the fruits of spontaneity ! Stream Ada’s latest in our New Music Friday Spotify playlist now!

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