Music Monday Spotlight: Asha Imuno - Slay Sonics

Music Monday Spotlight: Asha Imuno

In the hip-hop landscape, Asha Imuno stands out as a powerful force. His unique sound and his capacity to engage his listeners shows that his influence within the genre will continue to expand as he evolves and matures as an artist. Imuno, a Moreno Valley, CA native, just released his new single, “DID I CALL AT A BAD TIME?”. He is a part of the musical collective Raised By The Internet, which took shape over social media in 2017. Imuno’s musical journey has been a lifelong passion, from his days in a middle school band to his deep interest in music composition.

Asha Imuno describes himself as an artist who values honesty above all else. His music is an unfiltered reflection of his emotions, experiences, and life journey, woven into every chord and lyric. He allows listeners to connect with his authentic narrative, making him a standout figure in the modern music landscape. As he continues to evolve and expand his artistic passions, Asha Imuno aspires to be known as a trailblazer in the new age of music, pushing boundaries and inspiring others with his unwavering commitment to truth and transparency. You can listen to his most recent release, “DID I CALL AT A BAD TIME?”, on our Indie Hip Hop: The Best of Now playlist today! Go check it out!