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Music Monday Spotlight: Shallow Alcove

Shallow Alcove, led by Grace Krichbaum and Dan Harris, is a close-knit group of friends whose music is a heartfelt ode to the trials and tribulations of young adulthood. They weave together lush vocal harmonies, infectious guitar melodies, and lyrics that read like personal diaries, creating a tender and relatable soundtrack for this stage of life. Rooted in their deep appreciation for DIY folk music, Shallow Alcove’s songs are rich with stories of friendship, the ebb and flow of seasons, comical mishaps like questionable haircuts, and the poignant journey of growing up. What began as a collaborative effort among friends, crafting songs in the cozy confines of Upstate New York’s bedrooms and basements, has evolved into a creative process spanning the apartments and studios of New York City and Philadelphia. Despite this geographical shift, Shallow Alcove’s essence remains unchanged: a commitment to storytelling alongside the people they hold dear. Listen to their newest single “Dream Song” on our Spotify Fresh Finds: Slay Selects Playlist now!