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Music Monday Spotlight: Tolou

Tolou’s story is a fascinating blend of cultural influences and a deep passion for music and performance. Born in Norway to a Norwegian mother and a Nigerian father, Tolou’s multicultural background contributes to the diverse musical genres she’s most drawn to, including Afrobeats, Soul, and Scandinavian Pop. Growing up in Norway, Tolou developed a strong desire for being in front of the microphone, whether it was singing in her church or performing on stages across the country during her childhood. Tolou’s musical influences, Beyoncé and Rihanna, are two powerful and iconic figures in the music industry, known not just for their incredible talent but also for their empowering messages. Tolou’s reference to the “beauty and the boss” lyric in her debut single “Coco”, suggests that she aspires to embody the strength, confidence, and artistry that these artists are known to represent. 

What sets Tolou apart is her versatility as an artist. Not only does she write her own songs, but she can also play multiple instruments, act, dance, and model. This multifaceted talent gives her a well-rounded approach to her music. With the release of her career debut single, “Coco”, Tolou is embarking on a promising journey within the music industry. Given her diverse skill set and passion for music, it’s clear that Tolou is set up for success, it’s only a matter of time before her name becomes recognized in the industry. Her fusion of Afrobeats, Soul, and Scandinavian Pop promises to offer a fresh and exciting sound. Tolou’s journey as an artist is certainly one to watch, you can listen to her debut single “Coco” now on our Indie Pop: Best of Now playlist!