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AVATARI: “Bad Things With You”

In a world on the brink of self destruction. Filled with hatred, cruelty and chaos. And a civilization beset by addiction and depression and divided by political infighting. From the smoke and ashes emerges one man who may be able to save us… AVATARI is not your average indie rock frontman. He’s an absolute force of nature. An alt rock superhero battling for the soul of the universe. Derived from the word “avatar” (a manifestation of a deity in bodily form on earth) – the name represents his ultimate goal: to use the power of music to bring freedom and unity to a world filled with darkness.

Spawned amidst the glitz and glam of Hollywood, AVATARI arrived in the city of dreams with high hopes and ambitions. Instead he met the other side of lala land – the dark underbelly. And had a head on collision with his own ruthless demons. After a descent into drug addiction and self-destruction which nearly left him dead or behind bars, he emerged into the light having forged a clear path and a new sound – a soulful brand of alternative rock that defies genre, both intensely anthemic and deeply personal – meant to revolutionize modern rock and roll. From a young age, AVATARI was drawn to the power of music. It was a way to express his most private thoughts and emotions – the things he couldn’t say with just words. It helped him to connect deeply with others and to fill a painful void he felt inside. He was inspired by the legendary frontmen that oozed with swagger and could captivate an audience with magnetic charisma – like Elvis, Jagger, Prince, Mercury and Bowie, as well as modern artists like Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots and Yungblud.

With an electrifying stage presence and a magnetic personality, AVATARI’s live performances are a cathartic odyssey. Fueled by a desire to “rock people’s faces off,” to make his fans  “feel, move, love, and connect” each show is a spectacle, a fusion of music, storytelling, and honest emotion that leaves audiences exhilarated and transformed. His debut single, “Legacy,” caught the attention of Rolls-Royce who licensed it for their Ghost ad campaign. And in ‘23 AVATARI received critical acclaim for his intensely revealing single “High Like This” which documented his dark descent into addiction – Melody Maker Magazine called him a “rising star” in the indie rock scene. The accompanying music video was a cinematic revelation which incorporated AVATARI’s unique ability to storytell through shapeshifting into different characters. His most recent release “Fighter” is quickly winning over audiences with its raw power and identifiable story – it’s about his childhood experience of getting bullied on the playground for being “shy and lacking self-confidence” and how it led to his journey of “self-mastery through martial arts.”

His release that dropped today is called “Bad Things With You” it is an honest and bold song that truly encapsulates AVATARI’s artistic and creative abilities. He shared with us the energy behind the song. “I usually write music from a very spiritual place. I’m writing about unity, freedom, and empowerment. Bad Things With You is a little different. It’s a song about sex. We’ve all been there right? We’re at the bar, maybe a couple of drinks in. And we stare across the room and catch a glimpse of the most beautiful creation that’s ever walked the planet. The question is – what do you do? Bad Things With You hypothesizes that you’re the baddest MF on the planet. You walk over with supreme confidence and pop the ultimate question. On its surface, this is a song just about sex. Carnal desire. In the long line of great songs on the topic – Closer (NIN); Pour Some Sugar On Me; pretty much any song by Prince or Marvin Gaye. Underneath, this song is about not just tearing off your clothes – but your inhibitions. Those most annoying of things that keep us from expressing our true selves. What if we could shed them like a snake shedding its skin. And think, say, and do exactly what we wanted to. Bad Things With You assumes that we can. At the drop of a hat.”

Like his logo – a phoenix rising from the ashes – AVATARI’s mission is bold. It is also pure and simple. He’s ferociously confronting his innermost fears to become his highest self and thereby inviting us to do the same. His lyrics are a mirror, reflecting the universal truths that bind us all together in hopes that we can all surrender the darkness in our hearts and come together, “even if we’re just rocking out for a fucking hour.”AVATARI’s challenge to you – let go of your mind; tear away your inhibitions; and join him on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, where the only roadmap is the one you create for yourself. Listen to “Bad Things With You” on our “FRESH FINDS: Slay Selects” playlist on Spotify.