Music Monday Spotlight: Julia Pratt - Slay Sonics

Music Monday Spotlight: Julia Pratt

Julia Pratt, a rising singer/songwriter hailing from Philadelphia, has recently released her latest EP, “Two to Tango,” all while successfully completing a full coursework load at Berklee online. It is a rare feat for someone of her age to balance such academic dedication with an unwavering commitment to her music career. “Two to Tango” seamlessly intertwines the educational insights she gained throughout her schooling with the professional experience she has gained as a singer/songwriter in the industry.

Her distinctive sound, characterized by elegant whispers and poignant melodies, is prominently featured in her music. Pratt’s EP, “Two to Tango,” is currently available on various streaming platforms. We highly recommend giving a listen to “A Little Love,” one of our favorites from the EP, on our Spotify Fresh Finds: Slay Selects Playlist today!