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Gaia Calista: “Reason”

Introducing Gaia Calista: A Rising Star with a Mesmerizing New Single. From the vibrant music scene of Oakland, CA, and now making waves in Los Angeles, Gaia Calista is an artist who embodies the essence of versatility and creativity. With a background deeply rooted in music, performance, and songwriting, Gaia’s journey through classical training and college rock bands has culminated in a unique and captivating sound that defies genre boundaries. Gaia burst onto the scene with her debut EP “Stay Busy” in December 2022, showcasing her prowess as a singer, songwriter, and piano player. Now, she’s back with her latest single “Reason”. It’s a track that resonates on multiple levels, offering listeners a glimpse into Gaia’s artistic vision and emotional depth. With “Reason,” Gaia Calista continues to solidify her position as an independent artist to watch. Her ability to seamlessly blend different musical styles while staying true to her own voice is a testament to her artistry and innovation. She shared with us a very personal look into her song “My new single “Reason” is out now! This song is very personal to me because I wrote it about the struggles I was facing here pursuing my music when I felt like I had no purpose to live, no job, not many friends, and no love. It’s about the feeling of worrying but also not caring at the same time about others laughing at you. It’s about old friends leaving my life while watching what you do still and judging you for it. This song is for anyone that feels alone while trying to do the best you can, pursuing your dreams, and trying not to let the other judgments and opinions of those on social media or in life get in your head. This song is about losing old friends. I wrote the first demo a year ago at my darkest moment. I hope this song makes you feel less alone.” Be sure to check out Gaia Calista’s new single “Reason.” It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most profound experiences defy explanation. Listen to “Until It Happens To You” on our “FRESH FINDS: Slay Selects” playlist on Spotify.