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Music Monday Spotlight- Karson.

Karson., a Boston-based artist, producer, songwriter, and engineer, is a creative force known for their rich vocals, enigmatic lyrics, and experimental production. With a musical style that seamlessly blends funk, disco, punk, hip-hop, and glam rock, Karson. has carved out a unique space for their art. Born into a Puerto Rican family and raised in Green Bay, WI, they were surrounded by the rhythm of salsa and reggaetón, poetic lyricism of Wu-Tang Clan to Missy Elliot, and glamor of Queen and David Bowie. Karson.’s musical journey began at age 9 when they started freestyling with their older brothers, transitioning to music production at age 11. Music quickly became something they excelled at, offering an avenue to transform personal narratives into auditory experiences. They delved into all aspects of music production, mastering skills in producing, mixing, mastering, writing, engineering, and recording. In the summer of 2023, Karson. unveiled their debut studio album, THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, a nine-track masterpiece that reflects the liberating flamboyance of glam rock and the uncanny romanticism of retrofuturism. Beyond their artistic endeavors, Karson. is deeply committed to causes that reflect their progressive mindset, using their platform as an outlet to create positive change. They strive to be recognized for both their authentic self and their artistic creations, reflecting their commitment to transparency and connection. Their music is a testament to their innovative spirit and the belief that greatness can be achieved with minimal resources. Karson. stands out as a beacon of rawness, vibrancy, and glamor that captivates listeners and encourages free thinkers to push boundaries and embrace individuality. You can find their top 3 songs on our “FRESH FINDS”: Slay Selects” playlist.