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How Do You Want Your Love

May 10, 2022

“In an era that puts emphasis on ‘hanging it all out there’ in terms of sexuality, I wanted to shift the narrative to be focused on the energy exchange and the aura of seduction. HDYWYL is a claiming of our …

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Edgar Allan Poets’ Clepsydra

June 17, 2021

Time passes inexorably on our lives and we try to learn to live every day a little more. Perhaps one day we will understand everything as the wave breaking on the shore or as a shooting star that dissolves as …

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Wren Wilder’s Egyptian Cotton

What do pastel colors connote? Softness, femininity, youthful creativity, deliciousness, accommodation. Pastels are easy on the eye: they don’t demand attention, but they get it anyway through sheer charm. Ice creams and cupcake wrappers are often in pastels, as are …

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The Time and the Space In Between

Throughout his career, Bruce Sudano has played every kind of music imaginable. He’s been in numerous rock bands, written hits for Dolly Parton, Donna Summer and Michael Jackson, helmed his own label and toured the globe playing everywhere from family …

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Stoned (All the Time)

June 16, 2021

This catchy, swinging rock song let’s out all the emotion of the daily grind, building up to an emotional final chorus. It’s about the music city hustle, working to make it as a musician. It features Wallflower’s guitarist Stuart Mathis, …

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Camille Trust is Dangerous

June 11, 2021

“Dangerous” is a modern day Bonnie & Clyde love song. It is for anyone and everyone wanting that unconquerable love they give to be returned in full by their other half. This is the last single release off of her …

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Fell In Love In June

“Fell In Love In June” is the new single from Nashville singer/songwriter, Thom Donovan . The song is from his upcoming album, Timekeeper—out June 18.2021. Donovan is an indie-folk artist who’s performed with John Prine, Brandi Carlile, Robert Plant, and Nine Inch …

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