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Mix/Master = $600

You send us stems (all the individual tracks) of a produced and recorded song and we mix and master it to sound professional and competitive.

Production “Reinforcement” = $1,500

You bring a song with a beat and we reproduce it to sound even better. Add drums, change sounds to make the production sound great!
Includes Mix/Master.

Full Song Production = $2500

You send us a vocal track and guitar or piano guide and we produce your song fully. We record any instruments that are needed, add tracks and create a full production from your demo.
Includes Mix/Master.

Song and Vocal Production = $3000

We produce your song and produce your vocals. You come in to the studio so we could get the proper takes, harmonies and adlibs to make it a hit.
Includes Mix/Master.

Top Production Package = $5000

We meet for a pre production meeting to come up with the perfect base for the song and plan the project properly. We bring our songwriting team to write the song and then fully produce the song.
Includes Vocal Production.
Includes Mix/Master.

A La Carte


We send our team to the studio to capture your sessions with photos and videos.


Social Media Video for your Song. (Examples of work available upon request)


Pricing depends on concept, tbd.


Playlists have become the most powerful medium in music. Millions of fans stream them daily to discover the newest hottest up and coming artists. With over 24,000 songs uploaded to Spotify daily, without heavy marketing, its become more unlikely that people will find your single!

We have a large network of playlists with dedicated followings and use our influencers to get your music into the playlists that have growth with followers and interactions. We also pitch to engaged playlists outside of our own network and push your song in ad placements across various platforms which count towards Spotify streams to achieve maximum exposure!

So what are you waiting for? Hit us now and see if your song qualifies.

Pricing starts at $150! Feel free to submit your music and we will get right back to you!

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