When You Know - Slay Sonics

When You Know

This is the third song we released this year. I wrote this song with my producer, Adrian, who has been making waves in the Latin Urbano playlists for his work with Ana Mancebo. The concept was about the moment you catch eyes with a woman at the bar and there is that immediate attraction; that “love-at-first-sight” mixed with the tension of a provocative physical attraction to each other. The song had a lot of 2010s R&B Justin Timberlake influences mixed with modern pop production.


Artist Bio:

With a fun mix of trap and pop, singer-songwriter Lévie (pronounced leh-vee) is sure to brighten your day. The Brazilian-born immigrant loves to mix and match genres in his productions to whatever mood fits the song best. With trap-influenced singles like Echo and Take It Slow, Lévie let’s loose and has fun with his music while still finding space to write heartfelt songs about depression and mental health like Hurt Less.

His energetic stage show mixed with powerhouse vocals have garnered Lévie a strong presence in the Orlando music scene, opening for international acts like Chase Atlantic and John K

For fans of Jon Bellion, Quinn XCII, and Nic D.

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