the Haunt: 'OK' - Slay Sonics

the Haunt: ‘OK’

The Haunt, headed by siblings Anastasia and Maxamillion, evokes an adolescent, sophisticated, and nostalgic sound that is reminiscent of the post-punk and rock & roll eras. Through mesmerizing live performances and an active online presence, the Haunt creates a strong bond and connection with their fans, giving them a truly encapsulating experience.
With their latest release, ‘OK’ the Haunt delivers a touching blend of alternative rock/pop that turns back the clock while also creating their own contemporary sound. The hauntingly eloquent vocals mixed with powerful lyrics create an enjoyable experience that resonates with listeners. “OK” exemplifies The Haunt’s extraordinary talent and their capacity to create an immersive musical atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. The Haunt is most definitely an artist to watch as they continue to create music that touches the soul and pushes the boundaries of genre. Keep an eye out as they continue to impact the music industry. Check out ‘OK’ on our Spotify New Music Friday playlist.