Music Monday Spotlight: Nate Brazier - Slay Sonics

Music Monday Spotlight: Nate Brazier

Nate Brazier’s artistic expertise is like a fresh breeze sweeping through the alternative dance scene. Drawing inspiration from future garage, alternative R&B, and two-step genres, his music takes a deep dive into the rich array of electronic music, but with a unique twist—he creates his songs based on his adolescent experiences. Imagine wandering the streets late at night, sharing music in parked cars, and escaping the boredom of hometown life with your chosen circle of friends. Nate’s music transports you to those moments, making them feel vivid and relatable.

Fans hungry for new music, having been captivated by Nate’s previous releases such as, ‘Patterns,’ and its accompanying videos that left you wanting to be part of Nate’s and his friends’ adventures from the night before. In February, Nate released his debut project “YSK”, a 6-track visual EP. Nate’s journey continues with his second and latest EP, titled “Nothing Sacred,” which consists of four captivating tracks. This exciting release invites you to dive further into Nate’s progressing artistry. Experience the magic for yourself by giving it a listen today. You won’t want to miss out on this musical journey!

Check out one of Nate’s recent releases “Putting On Airs” on our Fresh Finds Playlist now!