Monday Music Spotlight: Sam Austins - Slay Sonics

Monday Music Spotlight: Sam Austins

Sam Austins, a Detroit native, is a rising sensation that is sweeping the alternative R&B industry. Austins has begun to leave his mark through his eloquent combination of elements of hip-hop, R&B, and alternative music, which creates a distinctive and alluring sound. With Austin’s soulful and silky vocals, he delivers relatable and poignant lyrics that can resonate with listeners, touching on topics such as childhood, growth, and self-discovery. Through pushing the boundaries of genre fluidity, Austin is able to create an incredibly immersive experience that pulls the listener right into his musical journey.

Austin’s most recent release, ‘Boy Toy’, which demonstrates his exceptional songwriting abilities and artistry through his implementation of contagious tracks and enticing melodies, has received widespread acclaim. Sam Austin is someone to keep an eye on in the alternative R&B scene due to his limitless originality and unwavering abilities. Be on the lookout for this rising star as he continues to change the sound of contemporary R&B and gain the attention of fans all around the world. Make sure to check out his recent ‘Matador’ on his most recent EP on our Spotify R&B playlist!