Made to Love You - Slay Sonics

Made to Love You

Filmed in One-Shot style, rising songwriter Drew Angus’s “Made to Love You” music video is choreographed by and features New York based ballet dancers Silken Kelly (@silkenkelly) and Jonatan Lujan ( The romantic video is set in a sun soaked, crumbling space, the perfect backdrop for the two ballet dancers to depict the love story of strangers. Their playful, flirtatious solos reveal a meeting meant to be as their choreography lifts the viewer through light-hearted phases of a romantic relationship. The video includes a small cameo of Drew performing the song before the dancers and ending, silhouetted, where the video starts, as two instead of one.

“It was incredible to work with Silken and Jonatan, two beautifully talented dancers,” said Drew Angus. “The way they took the lyrics and made it their own through movement is emotional to watch. The incredible Unison Productions team really excelled in capturing their passion to produce a beautifully shot film that depicts the meaning behind this special song.”