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Dream Phases

Dream Phases’ “Don’t Forget Love” was drawn from the “endless well” known as heartbreak. The doomed relationship that inspired the song was a couple stuck in two different places in their lives with one unable to give or receive love, says frontman Brandon Graham of the song, off the Los Angeles-based trio’s upcoming second album New Distractions, out Nov. 10
“The verses detail myself entering into love, but also trying to be cautious,” Graham tells American Songwriter. “It may be a cliché [but] the chorus is me stating that love could possibly help the other person or that they will hopefully believe they deserve it.

Running more than five minutes long, “Don’t Forget Love” blooms around the many phases of unrequited love—You know I was doing just fine before, you came around / You know I’ve given you my heart. “The takeaway here is definitely a cliché, but it’s that old saying, ‘it’s better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all,’” says Graham. “I’m definitely a hopeless romantic, and for all of the heartbreak I continue to pursue love when I feel it.”

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