Wait a second here…offline?! You can do things offline? You don’t need the internet for everything?! Yes, it’s true. And here’s a list of how offline music promotion can, in some ways, be even more effective than online promotion.

Effective Offline Music Promotion

It’s easy to forget that many aspects of music promotion are done offline. One of the biggest, of course, is performing live. And whether you’re promoting your music online or off, personal interaction is one of the essential keys to getting your music out there in the world.

One of the most important points that Landr mentions is that your followers are people. It’s easy to think of them as statistics, much like many in the industry can call music “product,” but real life, flesh, and blood people are the ones who will love your music, buy it, and make it successful.

Throughout the history of the music business, the musicians who interact with, and take good care of, their fans are the ones that last (it’s how Metallica build an incredible foundation that served them well for decades). A good or bad experience with a fan can make a big difference because they’ll always remember when an artist was good to them or not. This extends to being in touch with your fans through the net as well, and sincere contact with your fans can go a long way online as well.

Word of Mouth in Today’s Day and Age

Even with the advances in modern technology that spread the news with the speed of light, Landr tells us “word of mouth is real,” and good old fashioned word of mouth can still go a long way in today’s world. It’s easy to forget that when a song or an artist is hot, word of mouth spreads from person to person. As Landr adds, “You could buy all the targeted social ads in the world and still not get the same return as a glowing review from a good friend” or fan.

And one of the most important points, it’s always more important what the fans think that a marketing person getting paid to tell you how great something is. Authentic word of mouth from fans is the best promotion one can hope for, still to this day.

The Excitement of the Live Experience

Even in today’s online world, people are still willing to get out of the house and enjoy live experiences. It’s the concert business that keeps pretty much every artist afloat financially. Again, it’s the personal interaction that people dig, and if your act delivers live, it will bolster your reputation significantly. (Many of the most successful rock acts built strong live reputations before they had success on the album charts.)

Online Vs. Offline

Nobody’s saying that offline promotion is better or worse than online promotion, although some feel it actually is. Ultimately it’s important to do both. Which one is ultimately better? And which one will promote your music more effectively? This story thinks offline will beat online, but if you have a strong presence live and in personal interactions with your fans, as well as a strong online presence as well, you’re going out there with both barrels loaded.

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