Podcasts. So many people have them these days, but for many artists out there who don’t have one up and running yet, it’s important to get your podcast going to help promote your music.

Many artists are focused on their music and don’t think about promoting their music, but in today’s day and age it’s important to do as much promotion as you can yourself, and setting up a podcast isn’t as hard as you’d think.

Getting Started to Promote Your Music

As the website Music Industry How To explains, podcasts are still gaining popularity and they’re a cost effective way of promoting your music. Getting your podcast launched is easy, the hard part is standing out from the pack. But first things first…

It’s actually fairly simple to set up a podcast through WordPress and Squarespace. This site recommends going to a site, uploading the audio file, which will usually be an MP3. It’s recommended you add your files on WordPress through FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, and if you’re not sure how to do this, there are directions on Google that can show you how.

Next, “enter the URL into the Media URL form in the ‘Podcast Episode’ toggle box,” click on the Verify URL button, and you should be good to go. You may have some stumbling blocks here and there when you first get started, but you should get used to everything pretty quickly, and the podcasts should start flowing regularly. (Like anything creative, once you get started and get in the flow, the podcasts should start coming pretty freely.)

Why Podcasting is Important

Podcasting, just like being on the right social media platforms, is an important and cost effective way to not only get your music out into the world, but also stay in touch with your audience. If what you have to say and what you have to play is good, people will stick around and listen longer. With a podcast, you have more time to play your music and engage your audience than you would on a lot of other platforms where attention spans are low and you have to get what you have to say out in a hurry.

As this story points out, podcasting is also a good way to make your presence known on iTunes and other streaming services.

Recommended Podcast Moves

As far as what kind of content you should put on your podcast, this story recommends unplugged performances, which are currently very popular, interviews, behind the scenes reports on your music, as well as talk on gear and technology, which a lot of listeners find interesting.

Spotify also has a podcast section, and it’s reportedly second place behind iTunes / Apple podcasts in popularity. As The Podcast Host reports, you can submit a podcast to Spotify directly, you can also submit it through your media host. Two rules to remember, according to this report, is your podcast cannot have any copyrighted material, and your podcast must also be “podsafe,” meaning you can legally broadcast it without getting into legal trouble.  

You won’t get a notice if your podcast has been accepted on Spotify, you just have to keep checking it. If it makes the grade, it should be up in two to five days after you submit it.

While there’s tons of podcasts out there, what will make yours unique and set you apart is your personality. If your personality comes through in your music, and your podcast, it will do a lot to get yourself out there into the world.