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Hip-Hop Artist Unknxxn Challenges Anonymity

Based in Southern California, Unknxxn gives true meaning to anonymity; for him, being heard is more important than the image itself. To Unknxxn, the creative decision behind his stage name stems from music nowadays being based around the image of the artist, and his desire is to not only try to get rid of this concept but to challenge it as well — “I don’t want people to judge me for how I look. I want them to judge the quality of my music,” says Unknxxn. As for who has inspired him the most, his inspirations are Kobe Bryant because of his strong mentality and work ethic, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Mac Miller, and Marlon Craft. As a hip-hop artist, Unknxxn’s main drive for his craft is to never give up and to “cut out all the excuses.” Unknxxn’s advice for others and/or potential artists is to strive away from making excuses of being too busy to chase your dreams and to always prioritize your time with what’s important.

When it comes to upcoming projects, Unknxxn is currently working on debuting a new album — “I will be dropping two singles in December and the album should be done around February/March!”


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