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FACING FLAMES – To Lose Everything – But 12 Strings

Israel Portnoy is a British musician who was living in a village in central Israel called “Moshav Mevo Modin” when a suspected forest-fire caught on to his entire village and without any warning his entire house and home studio was burnt to the ground along with most of the village. He lost everything (including close to 20 instruments and years worth of unreleased lyric books and unreleased music). Well, almost everything. Earlier that day, He had left the house with his Vintage 1963 12-string Guilda guitar, affectionately refereed to as “Guilda” which in time, become his anchor to reconnect with life and rebound from the experience stronger. The concept album contains 12 original songs inspired by the events of losing everything and starting life over. On May 23, exactly 2 years after that fateful day, he released “Facing Flames Feat. Guilda”

Watch the 3-min video/mini-doc explaining the concept album // Title track music Video