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Adel Boussa’s Music Fusion

“Heaven is a place on earth,” is a quote that Adel Boussa lives by when it comes to creating and mastering his music. Not bound by the limitations of just one genre, Adel would classify his music as an artistic blend between dance, alternative R&B, and hip-hop. As a Canadian native, Adel greatly reflects the aspects of what makes Canada strong musically; the musical diversity of the country.

Because of Canada’s diverse, musically history that has shaped the country, and still continues to shape the country, there is no doubt that Adel is adding to this musical diversity with his craft. Adel lives and breaths music — when’s he’s not creating his own music, he’s in his studio, Orange Audio, offering services to others that range from recording, mixing, and mastering audio sounds. To name a few, Adel has recorded artists such as Adan Nunez (Golden Ganga), Trapstar Scottie, and Kenza & Tugstar.


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